Q2 Gracefield Shunt

On Friday 26 April 2002 at 1505 hours I photographed Q2 shunt departing Gracefield. Shortly after I photographed Q2 leaving Woburn, where it reversed, for Wellington. These are the photographs I took.

On Tuesday 30 April Gracefield Yard was closed and Q2 ceased to run.

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Q2 in the Gracefield Yard departs for Woburn.   (F30/1)

The DSG in charge of Q2 crosses Hutt Park Road. (F30/2)

What now travels on roads subsidised by my rates.   (F30/3)

Q2 in the loop at Woburn. The DSG has run around on the siding and is about to set back onto its train.   (F30/5)

Coupling up.   (30/6)

Another view of what now travels by road. Note the red mark on the USK, indicating that this wagon is for Gracefield traffic only.   (F30/7)

Q2 about to depart for Wellington. The TSO is at the Down Main points, having hand wound them. Note that 68 Down Starting From Down Main (Woburn) is displaying Red over Red and the A-light is not illuminated.   (F30/8)

Going........   (F30/9)


Well not quite. Q2 ran on two more days.   (30/10)

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